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Clear vapour Inhalator

Effective and gentle cleaning of the entire respiratory tract

We are pleased that you are amongst the people who take their health seriously. Congratulations on your choice of bronchi soft, a clear vapour inhalator.
You own a trend-setting device with a brand new inhalation principle, the clear vapour inhalation.

In order to obtain satisfaction and pleasure with the clear vapour inhalator bronchi-soft please read the following carefully.
Instruction for use

To inhale fill the inhaling cup with 30 ml of liquid using the measuring cup and place the inhaling cup on the device hotplate. Use tap or bottled water. (Distilled water is not required).

Inhalation products or natural health ingredients are to be mixed with water. 30 ml of this mixture is enough for 30 minutes.
To control ebullition, each time you inhale add 5 boiling pearls to the inhaling liquid. These boiling pearls can be used again and again – a short rinse is enough.

Place the ascending pipe and the glass breathing pipe on the device. Plug the device into an earthed electrical outlet (220 V) and switch it on.
Put the control button on position 9. (the green warning light only lights up from position 4).

After approx. 4 minutes, condensation water appears inside the glass breathing pipe. Turn the control button to position 5 or 6. Now you can start inhaling.

The glass breathing pipe must loosely envelop the nose and mouth. Breathe in, if possible through the nose, without effort and breathe out. If the nose is blocked, you can breathe through the mouth.
Hold the breathed in air for approx. 2 seconds, then breathe out into the device.

Position 6 is generally found to be pleasant and produces enough clear vapour as well. The temperature can be corrected during inhalation.
A small quantity of the inhalation liquid should always remain at the end of the inhalation.

After inhaling, place the control button on position 0 (you will feel a slight resistance between 1 and 0) and pull out the cable of the electrical outlet.
Due to its sturdy construction the device needs some time to cool down.

Cleaning and care

Clean the Inhalator exclusively with a dry cloth after it has cooled down (around the hotplate). Clean the ascending pipe, the glass breathing pipe and the inhaling cup with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. Use vinegar to remove obstinate spots.
If special inhaling conditions require sterilisation, the glass breathing pipe can be boiled.

How often and for how long should you inhale?

At first get used to the device by inhaling for only 10 -15 minutes. Increase the inhalation time to 30 minutes 2-3 times daily. Inhaling for long periods and frequently is quite safe.
After each illness continue to inhale for sometime in order to protect the still sensitive mucous membranes and to strengthen your immune system.

Our recommendation: From time to time take a course of inhalation health treatment for the prevention of cold-related illnesses and for cleaning the mucous membranes of the entire respiratory tract.

No more problems with colds

Inhale at the first symptoms of a cold. You will achieve the best result by using the clear vapour at as hot a temperature as possible, as viruses cannot survive at temperatures exceeding 40°C.
Therefore, inhale at as hot a temperature as possible and through the nose!

It is also important - at the initial stage of the cold - to inhale 3 times for approx. 20 minutes, with an interval of approx. 2 hours, to overcome the cold viruses.

Inhaling with additional ingredients

The major effect of the Inhalator bronchi soft is due to the warm clear vapour.
The most natural and obvious inhalation means is pure water. However, herbal teas, 'moor eluate' and other different natural substances can be used as well.

Use those additives sparingly only! The addition of medicaments is NOT required to loosen slime.

Volatilizing medication can be inhaled with prior agreement with the doctor.

Measure the required quantity of the prescribed medication with the measuring cup and add tap water up to 30 ml. (Do not use any oily solutions, such as ointments, creams...).

bronchi-soft®....und atmen macht Freude.

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